Bob Thall – Navigating Chicago and Beyond

With a cool methodical patience, Bob Thall has spent more than 40 years photographing Chicago and its environs. Long known as the quintessential documentarian of the city's urban landscape, in recent time Thall has expanded his oeuvre through traveling to and photographing in a variety of American city centers. ... Read more

Mike Norton – Battlepug, Revival & a Whole Mess More

I was first introduced to Mike Norton and Battlepug, while listening to 11 O'Clock Comics (possibly the best comics podcast in the history of humankind) back in 2011. I jumped in, and I must say that Mike has guided me through some truly bizarre (and enjoyable) territory over the ... Read more

Expo Chicago 2016 – A Reflection & Couple Questions

Expo Chicago 2016 THE INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION OF CONTEMPORARY & MODERN ART CHICAGO | NAVY PIER September 13-16, 2016 A Reflection & Couple Questions Art fairs in most cases tend to reside in a similar space. The focus is upon commerce, being seen, wining and dining, and other related activities that I tend to lack ... Read more

Daniel Warren Johnson – Martok, Space-Mullet & Beyond…

Through his webcomic Space-Mullet (now available in printed form via Dark Horse Comics), artist commissions and freelance efforts, comic artist Daniel Warren Johnson is establishing himself as one of the mediums rising talents. This is clearly illustrated in his thoughtful storytelling, wry wit, and diligent work ethic. This week ... Read more

Alison Ruttan – Investigating Instinct & Agression

Utilizing strategies often attributed to social scientists, Alison Ruttan investigates characteristics of human behavior through insightful works that reveal our propensity with aggression which is evolving at an alarmingly escalating pace. Recently, The COMP Magazine visited Ruttan at her Oak Park studio to discuss her exploratory use of ... Read more

Damon Locks – Exploring Sound & the Urban Scene

For almost 30 years, Damon Locks has been a consummate artist and musician that continues to explore sound and urban visual aesthetics via his personal investigations and working with a wide range of talented individuals. While visitings Locks' Logan Square studio recently, The COMP Magazine had the opportunity to ... Read more

ONO – An Unabridged History In Conversation

Initially established in 1980, ONO holds a legendary status in the experimental and fringe music scene in Chicago and beyond. After a 26 year hiatus, in 2012 ONO released Albino followed by Diegesis, 2014, and Spooks, 2015. Clearly, ONO have not tempered their artistic output nor performances in the ... Read more

Anya Davidson – Cultivating Freedom in Failure

Whether instigating chaos at a local DIY Noise concert or drawing comics with live raccoons wandering about in the next room in Chicago's west Pilsen neighborhood, Anya Davidson has carved out an unmistakable voice that is fiercely brazen, darkly humorous, and reminiscent of a long lineage of significant comics ... Read more

Victoria Fuller – Strategies of Power Play

Working with found objects, industrial materials, and traditional media, Victoria Fuller has been creating attentive and mischievous installations and sculptures that investigate issues of power, environmental concerns, and current strategies in appropriation for over two decades. Last month The COMP Magazine visited Fuller's West Hubbard Street studio to discuss ... Read more

Alan D. Caesar – Touring Destroit with Rena Rouge

Chicago artists hold a long history in touring imaginative worlds within the mind and then translating these experiences into visually intoxicating materials. Visionary sojourns have surfaced in the art of Henry Darger, Lee Godie, the Hairy Who and a litany of other innovative artists working in sublime territory that ... Read more
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