Zelda’s Breathtaking Ascension

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Developer/Publisher - Nintendo Directors - Hidemaro Fujibayashi, Daiki Iwamoto and Takuhiro Dohta Producer - Eiji Aonuma Programmers - Kenji Matsutani and Hiroshi Umemiya Artist - Satoru Takizawa Writer - Akihito Toda Composers - Manaka Kataoka and Yasuaki Iwata Platform - Nintendo Switch Wii U Release - March 3, 2017 There's something special ... Read more

Photo + Performance + Japan + 1960-1975 = “Provoke” @ AIC

"Provoke": Photography in Japan between Protest and Performance, 1960–1975 Art Institute of Chicago Through April 30, 2017 Galleries 1–4 and 10 Modern Japan is that enigmatic place that has fascinated me since my youth. Anime nor Manga were really on the scene in 1980s Indiana, so most of my early impressions were limited ... Read more

10 Comics Read at Least Twice in 2016

2016 was an incredibly diverse year in comics. Personal memoirs, revamping superheroes, meditations on philosophy and politics, bogus utopias, and the creation of exciting new universes could be found. With so much great work being produced, it is felt to create a list that identifies one book as better ... Read more

Final Fantasy XV – The Long Long Drive…

Final Fantasy XV (The Long Long Drive...) Square Enix November 29, 2016 How do you get past the frustration when playing something you really want to love? This question has been omnipresent for many who have played recent installments of Final Fantasy. Pause, rethink and keep on truckin'... has been my approach ... Read more

Thoughts on Retro Video Gaming Aesthetics, Pt. 1

Square pixels of pure color coupled with the layering of top-down or side-scrolling interactions are sometimes the most puzzling of activities. In my youth, the Atari 2600 enveloped my mind and time. There are memories of my brothers and me sneaking downstairs, turning the rabbit-ear TV on, adjusting the ... Read more

Aleksandr Zhitomirsky – 20th c. Humanist Critic

Aleksandr Zhitomirsky Humanism + Dynamite = The Soviet Photomontages of Aleksandr Zhitomirsky Through January 10, 2017 Photography Galleries 1-4 The Art Institute of Chicago 111 S Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois, 60603 Having endured one of the most polarizing and vitriolic Presidential elections this country has seen in recent history, the current exhibition, Humanism + Dynamite = ... Read more

Mitch Eckert – Natural History & Environmental Concerns

In the late 1980s Mitch Eckert and I spent the better part of 4 years attempting to wrap our minds around the ideas of Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, Susan Sontag, Walter Benjamin, and a number of other heady thinkers while studying at the John Herron School of Art in ... Read more

Mike Norton – Battlepug, Revival & a Whole Mess More

I was first introduced to Mike Norton and Battlepug, while listening to 11 O'Clock Comics (possibly the best comics podcast in the history of humankind) back in 2011. I jumped in, and I must say that Mike has guided me through some truly bizarre (and enjoyable) territory over the ... Read more

Moholy-Nagy: Future Present @ AIC

Moholy-Nagy: Future Present September 30, 2016 through January 3, 2017 The Art Institute of Chicago Regenstein Hall 111 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60603 When I was first introduced to László Moholy-Nagy in the late 1980s I struggled to get my mind around the theories he explored and his use of nontraditional materials. In ... Read more

Expo Chicago 2016 – A Reflection & Couple Questions

Expo Chicago 2016 THE INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION OF CONTEMPORARY & MODERN ART CHICAGO | NAVY PIER September 13-16, 2016 A Reflection & Couple Questions Art fairs in most cases tend to reside in a similar space. The focus is upon commerce, being seen, wining and dining, and other related activities that I tend to lack ... Read more
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