Bob Thall – Navigating Chicago and Beyond

With a cool methodical patience, Bob Thall has spent more than 40 years photographing Chicago and its environs. Long known as the quintessential documentarian of the city's urban landscape, in recent time Thall has expanded his oeuvre through traveling to and photographing in a variety of American city centers. ... Read more

Moholy-Nagy: Future Present @ AIC

Moholy-Nagy: Future Present September 30, 2016 through January 3, 2017 The Art Institute of Chicago Regenstein Hall 111 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60603 When I was first introduced to László Moholy-Nagy in the late 1980s I struggled to get my mind around the theories he explored and his use of nontraditional materials. In ... Read more

Alison Ruttan – Investigating Instinct & Agression

Utilizing strategies often attributed to social scientists, Alison Ruttan investigates characteristics of human behavior through insightful works that reveal our propensity with aggression which is evolving at an alarmingly escalating pace. Recently, The COMP Magazine visited Ruttan at her Oak Park studio to discuss her exploratory use of ... Read more

Alice Q. Hargrave – Memories & the Natural World

Immersing herself in a deep contemplative aesthetic practice focused upon our ever-shifting environment, Alice Q. Hargrave has been producing thoughtful photographs that offer lush, color-soaked and attentive meditations for the better part of 30 years. This week, The COMP Magazine visited Hargrave's expansive and highly organized Bucktown studio to ... Read more

Brad Temkin – Traversing Rooftops

Brad Temkin has been making photographs of green environments in urban areas for the better part of twenty years. These images offer the viewer insight into private places, bird's-eye views and a look at the relationship between nature and urban habitats as our cities continue to modernize. Recently, The ... Read more

Doug Fogelson – Destructive Transformations

Doug Fogelson's inquisitive practice in photography echoes the experimentation that was central to the medium's inception. For the better part of 20 years, Fogelson has consistently produced seductive imagery while investigating unsettling issues (e.g., climate change). This week The COMP Magazine caught up with Fogelson to discuss his current ... Read more

Aimée Beaubien – Collecting Within & Recent Works

Over the past year, Aimée Beaubien has been exhibiting a series of elegant, labor intensive site-specific installations in various locations (Texas, Wisconsin and Illinois) around the country. These determined efforts offer a distinct aesthetic strategy that on one level contemplate the intersection between photography and sculpture. One of these ... Read more

MoCP at 40

MoCP at 40 January 28 – April 10, 2016 Museum of Contemporary Photography Columbia College Chicago 600 South Michigan Chicago, Illinois 60605 I experienced a slight state of Stendhal syndrome upon viewing the MoCP's exhibition inaugurating its fortieth anniversary. Having worked at the museum while studying at Columbia College Chicago in the mid-1990s, I was ... Read more

Serhii Chrucky – Operating Principles or Programmatic Intent

Locating and analyzing patterns, shifts, and signifiers in our architectural and visual culture through serious contemplation and research is central to the ongoing photographic work of Serhii Chrucky. The COMP magazine caught up last month with Chrucky to discuss his affection for the city's architectural and photographic history, the ... Read more

Jennifer Greenburg – Revisiting Vernacular Contributions

Cultivating a chameleon like persona as author, subject and photographer, Jennifer Greenburg has created a sustained practice that offers revamped insight into varied American subcultures and popular myths. This fall, The COMP Magazine visited Greenburg at her Northside studio to discuss her long relationship with the city of ... Read more
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